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About Us

Keepers of the Code

Short codes are an industry-wide initiative made possible through the mutual agreement and cooperation of many parties, including wireless service providers, application providers, content providers and aggregators. Together, these specialized service providers help brand marketers leverage short codes to engage customers. 

Overseeing the initiative is CTIA, a trade association representing the wireless communications industry since 1984. The nonprofit organization’s members include wireless carriers and suppliers, and manufacturers and providers of wireless products and services.

iconectiv became the official administrator of the Short Code registry in January 2016. In this capacity, the company seeks to grow the use of short codes by streamlining registration services using innovative data analytics and business intelligence solutions. 

about short code administration
Short codes are five- and six-digit combinations used to distribute wireless messages.

Functional Roles Involved in Short Code Administration

Short codes are five- and six-digit combinations used to distribute wireless messages. CTIA, the program administrator, oversees the technical and operational aspects of short code functions and maintains a single database of available, reserved and registered short codes.

Other functional roles involved in the enabling and use of short code-related applications include:

  • End Users: People and/or entities utilizing short codes for communication with applications.
  • Service Providers: Entities providing the network infrastructure for the delivery of messages between end users and connection aggregators or application providers.
  • Connection Aggregators: Entities providing connectivity between service provider networks and application providers.
  • Application Providers: Entities providing the technology platform for short code service applications.
  • Content Providers: Entities owning or having the right to content. They often license content to application providers for delivery to end users.