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Short Codes

Short Codes

What, Why and How?

The Brand Marketing Power Tool

Short codes offer marketers unequalled opportunities to engage audiences through text messaging. 

Companies large and small use these codes to bring customers into the branded experience through voting, surveys, sweepstakes, coupon offers, information updates and alerts. Innovative marketers are developing powerful new uses for short codes every day. 

The five- or six-digit numbers can be personalized to spell out an organization’s name or a relevant word, maximizing memorability and reinforcing the message. You’ll find them prominently featured in print and broadcast advertising, TV programming, product packaging and the aisles of retail stores. 


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Short codes are the most universally trusted messaging option

The Code for Trust

Short codes are the most universally trusted messaging option. Why? Because customers opt in and invite future engagement. 

They get what they expected — the interaction they asked for in a timely and convenient manner. The result? An open rate of 98%, versus 22% for email. 

Unlike emails that can be diverted into “Junk” folders, messages sent via short codes hit the target audience with remarkable consistency. The delivery mechanism also ensures customers can receive coupons, recipes, profiles of real estate properties and easily access them later on their smart phones.

The Key to Meaningful Engagement

With people opting in and inviting future engagement, it is not a surprise why companies turn to short codes to bring customers into the branded experience.

Building long-term, meaningful customer engagement is even easier with a select short code as it complements your brand.

Before sending your first message there are a few factors to consider, including defining the campaign, submitting it for review and selecting service provider approval. Learn more about select short codes and trusted partners.

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The First Step

To get started, find a code.

Our easy-to-follow instructions will walk you through the process of leasing a code and guide you
to resources that can help you launch your campaign.

Your customers are waiting to hear from you. So, what are you waiting for?


What Kind of Campaign Will You Run?

There are lots of ways to use short codes to reach your audience.
Here are some of the most popular: 


Keep your customers informed about specific events.


Send live score updates and links to exclusive content.


Customers can get sports updates, recipes, games and more.


Let viewers and listeners vote for their favorite contestant or song.


Raise money for a worthy cause through text donations.


Make it easy for customers to enter a contest or sweepstakes.


After seeing your ad, customers can text to get more information. 


Nothing boosts engagement like a freebie or major discount. 


Sample public opinion and share the results.


Invite users to join forums and let them know about updates and new levels.