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Case Study: Using Targeting to Improve Conversion Rates


Katch – a marketing agency – sought to improve the messaging response rate for a client in the insurance field.


After an initial testing phase, short code messaging provided positive results across a variety of consumer interactions. As a result, Katch decided to expand its client’s text messaging integrations.


Text messaging was leveraged to dispense a large array of messages, including enrollment deadline reminders, quotes and information relevant to decision-making. Later, automation tools would allow for an even faster turnaround time.

Automated campaigns allowed data to be sorted by profile information, enabling more waves of targeted messaging.

Subsequent automated messages were sent based on customer profile, learned preferences and behavioral history.  


Katch used the SMS automation platform to achieve a 15% conversion rate from all leads.

Automated campaigns also allow for re-marketing to be near-instant, instead of having to wait for follow-up engagement.

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