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The Teen Project

Case Study: Delivering a Safe Haven for Homeless Youth


The Teen Project, a volunteer-centric organization dedicated to supporting teens aging out of the foster care system, wanted to provide homeless teens an easy way to receive information about services available to them.


The organization discovered through research that even though they may be homeless, most teens own a cellphone. Therefore, an SMS texting program using short codes was developed to connect homeless teens with shelters and services across the U.S. This included using mobile keywords, such as "SHELTER," "ABUSED," and "SOBER" with the short code 99000, posted around urban areas where the targeted audience may see them.


When a keyword with short code is texted, the address of a local shelter within a 30-mile radius is sent immediately.


The unique program has connected homeless teens with more than 17,000 shelters across the U.S.

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