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University of Wisconsin

Case Study: Aiding Student Enrollment & Engagement


The University of Wisconsin Higher Education Location Program (UW HELP) – the information hub of UW – sought to increase FAFSA and scholarship applications and give staff more time to help students.


Set up automated campaigns that would utilize mobile keywords to engage with students based on their interests or qualifications. Leverage an interactive text-response system to reduce manual input for counselors and increase coordination of need-based communications. 


A custom campaign increased student engagement and preparedness. Individualized text messaging added a personal touch to communications among a vast college community.

Short codes made it easier for students to connect with counselors and professors to obtain information regarding registration, scholarships or classwork.


Over 22,500 students enrolled in the first year to receive text alerts.

Personalized reminders helped thousands of students and advisors satisfy registration and scholarship requirements on time.

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