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Wayne State University

Case Study: Keeping students notified


Wayne State University (WSU), a premier university in the heart of Detroit, sought to improve outcomes in enrollment and student support, as well as student and faculty engagement.


Develop a broadcast messaging service that delivers priority alerts and other valuable messages to students, faculty, and staff, keeping them up-to-date with campus events that require their attention, as well as critical administrative alerts related to student success.


  • To help students remember essential deadlines, the WSU Office of the Registrar sends reminders right before academic cut-off dates.
  • Automated alerts are used to inform students of grade postings
  • The Computing & Information Technology staff at WSU receives system alerts
  • Course changes are announced to those who subscribe to that interest category.
  • Personalized SMS messages help students find resources that are specific to their own needs


Wayne State University has significantly improved student engagement by providing students with information and resources to help navigate their college careers and establishing a two-way channel of communication.

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