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Brands Team Up to Make Customer Connections

The Story for Customers

With one quick text to a common short code, consumers access exclusive offers, contests, and sweepstakes involving more than one of their favorite brands. 

The Story for Brands

Multiple brands share costs and benefits by teaming up on promotional opportunities. Dr. Pepper and Uber recently launched a short code campaign rewarding customers who purchased two bottles of Dr. Pepper with a $5 Uber coupon. Meanwhile, Disney and Kellogg’s joined forces to help promote the latest Disney movie by rewarding customers who purchased three Kellogg’s products with a $5 e-Concession Cash voucher. 

The Story for Marketing Partners

Short codes are all about connections. By recognizing common interests — and audiences — among companies, marketing firms develop short code win/wins for their clients.

In Short . . . 

An offer, placed directly on product packaging, encourages consumers to participate in a co-branded promotion by texting a message to a specific short code. In moments, the customer receives a text explaining how to access promotional items or services, and offering an opportunity to opt in for future offers (otherwise known as ongoing engagement). Multiple brands. One customer. Endless possibilities. 
You might call that a short-code to success…