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Creating Real-Time Conversations with Clients 

The Story for Insurance Clients

Clients text to a short code to start a conversation with their insurance agent and have their questions answered in real time.

The Story for Insurers

Conversational messaging helps insurers expand relationships with their customers, improve employee engagement, product and operational processes and grow their business.

The Story for Marketing Partners

Insurers can extract their conversation data for enhanced analysis inside their own business intelligence tool. Marketing teams can create smarter and more personalized campaigns and suggest services and offers based on conversation history and preferences.

In Short . . . 

Conversational messaging opens a new channel of communication and fosters better relationships with insurance clients. Essentially, agents can use text messaging to directly engage clients, allowing them to confirm appointments, provide status on a claim, provide answers to client inquiries, ask for supporting documentation or send payment reminders – all in real time. In turn, insurance clients can respond to questions from their agent in a timely fashion, which gives agents more time to focus on other tasks.