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Mobilizing Customer Reward Programs

The Story for Customers

A text to a common short code immediately connects a customer to an offer from a favorite restaurant, retailer or brand followed by membership information for a rewards program that promises an opportunity to experience exclusive and long-term benefits.

The Story for Retailers, Restaurants and Other Businesses Rewarding Customers

Using common short codes to encourage customer interest and participation in rewards programs can enable a retailer or restaurant to enhance its digital relationship with a customer, using an effective marketing tool that increases and facilitates engagement anywhere and at any time. Through these programs, brand loyalty can be continuously maintained by generating regular customer interaction and brand awareness. For instance, a restaurant, retailer or brand can spontaneously notify rewards club members via a text message sent via a common short code to RSVP for a VIP event, have early access to pre-sales or other exclusive perks and benefits.  

The Story for Marketing Partners

Marketing firms enable businesses focused on enhancing their customer service experience, such as Jamba Juice (See example below*.), to use common short code programs to further drive participation in rewards programs.

In Short . . . 

A rewards program is promoted via one of many existing marketing methods, including in-store signage, social media and traditional advertising media placements. Using their smartphone, customers send a text message to a common short code and within seconds, a responding text guides them on how to connect to a rewards program, allowing them to immediately enjoy rewards program benefits. Customers are also able to opt-in for future special offers and rewards. This simple and easy connection enables an ongoing two-way conversation between the brand and customer through a personalized customer experience. You might call that a short-code to success…