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Something New in Breaking News

The Story for Consumers

Consumers text to a common short code to opt in for text message news alerts from their favorite news outlet.

The Story for News Outlets

By delivering breaking news alerts to consumers’ most personal device (the smartphone), news outlets like MSNBC keep fans connected — wherever they are — and become an integral part of their everyday lives. 

The Story for Marketing Partners

Marketing firms work with local and national news outlets to implement message alert programs that deliver headlines or more personalized news in such categories as international news, politics, health, technology, or entertainment.

In Short . . . 

During a broadcast, viewers are prompted to send a text message to a common short code and opt in for text message news alerts. Just like that, the consumer has plugged into real-time news updates on the go – and the news outlet has established a direct line to the consumer.

You might call that a short-code to success…