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Texting for Takeout 

The Story for Customers

Consumers place restaurant take-out orders by texting to a common short code and instantly connecting to a mobile-optimized ordering experience.

The Story for Brands

Common short codes take customer service to the next level — while establishing a channel for future text-based promotions and mobile alerts. The result is a lasting stream of communication that paves the way for repeat business and long-term loyalty.

The Story for Marketing Partners

Marketing firms are creating unique mobile marketing programs to help such well-known restaurants as Pizza Hut and Chipotle attract new customers and promote lasting relationships.

In Short . . . 

Customers send a text message to a common short code and immediately receive a link to a mobilized webpage where they place their order. Additional messages confirm the order, specify when it will be delivered or available for pick-up and offer the chance to opt in for future promotions. Just like that, the restaurant has improved customer service and potentially locked in a long-term relationship!

You might call that a short-code to success…