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SMS Masterminds

With over 13 years offering technology and marketing services, Intellectual Capital Management, LLC. formed the SMS Masterminds in 2007 to focus on mobile technology, pioneering a localized service model called Integrated Media Management. Entrepreneurs, ad agencies, and marketing companies can license the right to provide these services to their local market while given an unprecedented ‘premium’ level of support and guidance by the SMS Masterminds.

This new business model combines Text Messaging, mobile web & apps, and the Internet into a user-friendly lead generation and client retention tool that has measurable results and great return-on-investment for Advertisers.

In 2010, SMS Masterminds launched, a B2B site designed to educate Advertisers about the benefits of Integrated Media Management.

Since bringing on its first licensees in late 2009, thousands of Advertisers and hundreds of thousands of subscribers have benefited from the intimate and immediate connection created through Integrated Media Management.