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Solutions by Text

Solutions by Text, LLC (SBT) a Dallas, TX-based company consisting of business consultants educating companies how to legally add the text messaging ingredient to their customer communication recipe. SBT has designed a robust software meeting all regulatory requirements for texting. This allows our clients to send fully compliant text messages to their customers when they meet specific criteria.

Texting has emerged as the preferred method of communicating for account notifications, payment reminders, past due alerts, text payments, marketing/promotions, customer service and much more. SBT’s focus is providing the ability to evaluate and improve our client’s texting strategy, design a sound implementation roadmap and stay connected with this powerful communication tool. Learn how SBT integrated its solution into Nortridge to increase on-time payments and collections.

SBT’s expertise expands into the following industries:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • Utility
  • Government
  • Auto
  • Retail